Wednesday, 24 October, 2018

Practical Wedding Gifts for Guests

Tips for practical wedding favours to give to your guests.

A considerate bride and groom may want to think about giving out wedding favours which are practical instead of simply easy, inexpensive or suitable for the theme of the wedding. This is important because favours which are given for other reasons may not be valued by your guests. In fact they may be quickly discarded soon after your wedding and will not serve as a reminder of your wedding. However, if you make the decision to give out favours which are more practical in nature your guests are more likely to appreciate and cherish the favours which you give out on your wedding day. These favours may not be the most romantic but they are much more likely to be appreciated by your guests than more whimsical items such as figurines and potpourri.
Coasters are one idea for wedding favours which can be romantic or suit the theme of your wedding but can also be very practical. You can purchase coasters in a variety of shapes including hearts to provide for your guests as wedding favours. Heart shaped coasters will be ideal because they are romantic and convey the sentiment of love but they are also something your guests can really use. Another option for using coasters as wedding favours is to give out coasters which match the theme of the wedding. You can purchase coasters with pictures of sand or the beach to go with a beach themed wedding.