Thursday, 27 June, 2019
Sivan Pillay

Sivan Pillay

Everyone has a story to tell. 
The Story of Sivan Pillay – From a truck assistant to a singer songwriter and the Managing Director of Endemol South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.
Sivan Pillay is the Managing Director of Endemol South Africa and also a musician and TV executive today. Things weren’t rosy for Pillay right from the start though. To think of it, he even had to work a factory casual labour when he was around seventeen, after his parents went through a divorce.
Pillay’s love of music started early, with his own father being a musician.
“I remember performing in front of my family at the age of six,” he says. Ask him though about how his love for music began and he has quite an interesting answer. “I have always wanted to perform and create something that people will love down the years. I imagined myself to be an artist and performer all the time,” Pillay states.
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