Monday, 27 May, 2019
Taj Palace, Dubai

Taj Palace, Dubai

It is a hotel for business travelers, family or couples.

This should be your first choice not only because it is affordable but because you are really treated like a king or queen there.
Going to Dubai after a pilgrimage from India is like God is asking you to spoil yourself for being a good child. Team SUTRA™ was invited to the Taj Palace, Dubai, by Dubai Tourism, South Africa.
We received a warm welcome by a very friendly immigration officer at the Dubai International Airport and also from our chauffeur who drove us for about ten minutes to the Taj Palace, Dubai. The hotel is in Deira, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, located in the heart of the city and is ideal for commercial, business and leisure traveler  It is also situated near many of the city’s top attractions such as shopping centres, including Arabian shopping bazaars, cultural centres, museums and more, making it an ideally placed accommodation.
The friendly smile and greeting from the reception staff and the porter set our mind frame to looking at everything positively.
After we completed our tour of the hotel which is actually underrated at 5 star because they really outdo themselves when it comes to sheer luxury, opulence, style and world-class service! Naturally our expectations were high and they did not disappoint! The 147 executive rooms, 10 suites and two royal suites with all the extravagant amenities, ensured we were relaxed and felt comfortable.

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