Monday, 27 May, 2019


Flying high at 13 000 feet over the Arabian desert is great, jumping out of an aeroplane at that altitude, free-falling for 57 seconds at a speed of 195km/h is a life changing experience and a must do for all thrill seekers both young and old.

If you are the epitome of an introvert who’s most exciting activity is drinking tea, skydiving at Dubai’s Desert campus is a must for even you. Firstly skydiving can only be experienced to fully appreciate its beauty as no amount of write ups will do justice in explaining this experience. At best this write up will convince you to book your tandem skydive. Secondly skydiving is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Tandem skydiving offers non sky divers the opportunity to experience the thrill of free fall. One gets to jump safely out of a plane while being attached to a tandem master who deploys the parachute and flies the parachute safely to the ground; all one has to do is enjoy the experience. Skydive Dubai Desert Campus does at times offer tandem skydiving at their club alternatively there is Skydive Dubai The Palm Campus.

Sutra magazine was hosted by Dubai tourism South Africa to experience the thrill of jumping at their Skydive Dubai Desert Campus. Sutra arrived at the campus at 7am sharp. Sutra was welcomed by Mr Raul Bocanegra and Jane Oakley. After the necessary paperwork was addressed, Jane assisted in getting the gear sorted and getting Sutra on the first load for the day. Raul debriefed Sutra’s resident adventure writer Shyam on how the skydive should happen in order for him to get the best video footage. The exit out of the aircraft was practiced on the ground. The plan was for Shyam to jump out of the plane with Raul following Shyam videoing the skydive just meters above him.

The Twin-Otter plane arrived, Shyam, Raul and the other eighteen skydivers all got on board and off they went. As they ascended Raul pointed out the Palm Islands, ‘The World’ Islands and the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa all of which could be seen more than 60 km away.

Finally 13 000 feet was reached and the skydivers started to exit the plane. Raul and Shyam both exited with Shyam doing a forward roll out of the plane. It was such a spectacular view. The desert looked amazing and serene. The blue sky and desert really looked spectacular together. Once the parachutes were open one could take in all the beauty Skydive Dubai Desert Campus has to offer. One honestly feels like they are parachuting over one of God’s greatest creation. The Arabian desert does have a very mystical feel to it and when one looks down upon it from the sky that mystical feeling is that much stronger. Shyam landed on the desert sand, it was a soft gentle landing. The sands of time were so fine and warm.

The epic skydive was over but the memories made will last for a lifetime. The video of the skydive can be seen on Sutra’s website or on YouTube  All skydivers, thrill seekers, boys, girls, ladies and men go to Dubai, book a skydive and enjoy this wonderful experience. This is one recommendation you simply cannot ignore. The people at Dubai Skydive Desert Campus are very kind, reassuring, helpful and friendly. This was further illustrated when Jane Oakley assisted Shyam in setting up his new Altitrack altimeter computer and audible altimeter just prior to his skydive.

Sutra magazine would like to thank both Dubai tourism South Africa for hosting them in Dubai and Skydive Dubai Desert Campus for the amazing skydive experience.



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