Saturday, 18 January, 2020
iFly Dubai

iFly Dubai

Dubai offers its tourists an array of unique activities.

Choosing what to do can be a real challenge. One of those activities which simply has to be on the top of your list, is the iFly Dubai skydiving simulator.
One can truly get a feeling of flying at iFly Dubai. This experience is safe as one is shown a video that explains in detail everything one is about to experience, how to remain safe and how to maximize one’s fun before the actual experience! To top the safety off, a flight instructor will be right next to you in the skydive simulator so this activity is fun for the entire family including brave grandparents who want to push the limits.
Think of the simulator as a massive wind generator because the wind is carefully computer-controlled and one simply hops into the air stream and is literally airborne! It is as simple as that. This experience is fun, safe, can be enjoyed by the entire family and is very easy to do. It may take a couple of days after the experience to stop smiling but hey, smiling isn’t a bad thing!
Smiling is something you must ensure you do in the skydive simulator as you will be photographed and videoed the entire time and you can purchase this from iFly Dubai if you choose to.

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