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Deana Uppal in UK’s Big Brother

deana uppal

Deana Uppal is being accused of playing ‘race card’ in UK’s Big Brother. She is facing a similar situation which made Shilpa Shetty an international icon with reality show Big Brother. But while the public and media speculate racism, ex-Playboy bunny girl and the show’s contestant Shievonne Robinson has accused Deana of “playing the race card “to garner sympathy. After ... Read More »

Beaches of Kerala

beaches of kerala

India is the land of colours. A land of lakes and rivers, of snow- capped mountains and forest covered hills. A land of diversity which reflects itself in the landscape, the people, the culture, the language and the religions, – each one contributing to the awesome mosaic called India. Kerala is known for its lush coconut groves, balmy weather, placid ... Read More »

Shashi Naidoo back from India

shashi naidoo back from mumbai

Fate had other plans for Shashi Naidoo. If life had worked out differently for her, she would have been a dedicated chiropractic doctor. Whilst studying she worked as a part-time florist. She delivered flowers to an ad agency, where the art buyer mistook her for a model. She was invited to a casting for Edgars lingerie. She gave it a shot, ... Read More »

Face of SUTRA 2012

face of sutra

Fire and Ice launch party. The 7th of September marked the Face of SUTRA 2012, Fire and Ice launch theme party. Over 70 guests were in attendance, including local Bollywood actress Ammarah, sporting their best interpretation of the party theme. While many Durban socialites walked the red carpet of La Concierge, Umhlanga, it was our Face of SUTRA 2012, Sarah-Lee ... Read More »

Exploring the Heavens


We all love the enhanced experience of studying the sky. No matter how far along you are in your sophistication as an amateur astronomer, there is always one fundamental moment that we all go back to. That is that very first moment that we went out where you could really see the cosmos well and you look in the night ... Read More »

Bridal Hair Design


There are five basic elements of hair design. The process begins with analyzing the entire person, using the elements and principles of design with an understanding of how I can enhance my bride’s positive features and minimize negative features. A good designer always visualizes the finished product before beginning a project. As a hair stylist I develop a strong visual understanding of ... Read More »

Pranava Chikitsa

pranava chikitsa - aum healing

Aum Healing. While in His physical body His Holiness Bhagavan Swami Shivanandaji Maharaj, the founder of the Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India always used to advise everybody that Namapathy’ is the most reliable and harmless form of ‘Chikitsa’ or treatment if one undertakes it with faith. There are many forms of treatment with names ending with ‘pathy’. Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Naturapathy, ... Read More »

A Yogi is like a baby

yogi baby in bow pose

Babies are naturally little yogis. These little yogis have welcomed yogasana from the time they opened their eyes and let out a screech for milk. They have been doing their “baby yoga” so to speak in a very involuntary sense. We are somewhat hypnotized when we observe babies sleeping with their fat little fingers closed together, a closed thumb lying ... Read More »

How many kids should I have?


The decisions surrounding how many children you should have are personal ones. They may be made by you and your husband long before you are married, or they may come as you start to build your family. Your personal, medical, and financial well-being may all be determining factors in how many children you decide to have in your family. There ... Read More »

Wedding planners – why they are worth it?


Brides on a budget often try to do all the wedding organisation themselves. Then they wonder why they are frazzled, stressed out and way over budget by the time the wedding day arrives. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you want to be able to enjoy it. Most brides don’t have any experience of organising one. ... Read More »

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