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Choosing a Life Partner


Points to consider. Why do you think so many marriages end in divorce in this country? Shree Maa: This country? It’s happening all over the world. Relationships have become competitive instead of being an opportunity to learn respect. Everybody wants to win, but where is the peace? So competition and selfishness are at the root of the problem? Shree Maa: ... Read More »

Sivan Pillay


Everyone has a story to tell.  The Story of Sivan Pillay – From a truck assistant to a singer songwriter and the Managing Director of Endemol South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. Sivan Pillay is the Managing Director of Endemol South Africa and also a musician and TV executive today. Things weren’t rosy for Pillay right from the start though. To ... Read More »

A healthy man


Gentlemen are more aware of food. Broadly speaking, it has been discovered that most men are non-vegetarian and booze more beer than women. It is a recognized fact that men take more calories than females. It is important to organize the ideal diet for a man that comprises chiefly of sweet fruits and augmented with assorted berries, green nuts, bourgeons ... Read More »

Seeking Spirituality


The modern generation. Or the generation today has it easier than it was two decades ago. Today’s modern education lays emphasis on providing information pertaining to social, economic and technological changes. It is vital to ensure that learning or the education system is targeted towards the overall development of a child, whereby they realize their potential on all levels. Being ... Read More »

Your Next Flight


Making the most out of it. Are you planning on taking a vacation this year? Whether you are vacationing alone, with your family, or with your romantic partner, it is almost a guarantee that you would want to enjoy your trip. You can plan your vacation as much as you would like; however, there is a way that you could ... Read More »



Gujarat wins PATWA Tourism Award. Team SUTRA was recently invited by the Government of Gujarat for a media tour of that state. There were journalists from 13 different countries, worldwide. What we enjoyed the most was when all non-Indian residents sat around a fire at night and discussed what life was in their own countries, what we as NRI’s had retained ... Read More »

De Monique

sutra-mag-De Monique

The Province of KwaZulu-Natal. Renowned for its vibrance, charisma and flamboyance, the province is also home to many stars. We caught with up pop group, De Monique, during their recent fashion shoot with celebrity stylist and make-up artist, Neil Ramuthar of Drama Queen at Umhlanga’s Urban Park Hotel. Born and raised in the town of Northdale in Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal, they ... Read More »

“The City That Never Sleeps”

sutra-mag-The City That Never Sleeps

10 hot strippers. Apart from break-ups, patch-ups and other controversies, 2013 will mark several bold stripping acts by few hot Bollywood celebrities. Some shed their attire for cricket, some did it to gain the limelight and some performed it to flaunt their hot bodies in their films. But this time “The City That Never Sleeps”(Mumbai)  movie team is going to do ... Read More »

Luxury vehicles owned by Bollywood stars

bollywood luxury vehicles

Heroes and their mean machines. While the leading ladies of Bollywood are in love with their wild collection of bags, shoes and other wardrobe essentials, the men bask in just one obsession. No prizes for guessing! We are talking about our heroes and their mean machines. With so much name, fame and monies, our B-Town stars do indulge heavily in ... Read More »

Bollywood divas marrying divorced men.

bollywood divas marrying divorced men

Hook Line and Sinker! Gorgeous, elegant, fine performers from Bollywood have gone ahead to marry already married men. Well, practically most of the actresses in Bollywood harbour ambitions of marrying a successful businessman, entrepreneur, sports-person  millionaire NRI or perhaps marry into a royal family. Most of these single women in the industry prefer to date co-actors and eventually marry rich, famous ... Read More »

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