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HIV Go Away


Celebrities Join Dr. Sunita Dube MedscapeIndia for awareness on AIDS… MedscapeIndia in association with Aryan Education & Medical Trust conducted a Rally spreading the message ‘HIV Go Away’. Where Chairperson of MedscapeIndia Dr. Sunita Dube initiatiated a rally ‘HIV Go Away’ starting from Lokhandwala; Andheri it was a success & bagged a certificate for excellence par initiative by Lov Verma; ... Read More »

Greetings of Peace

Greetings of Peace

Tribute to Nelson Mandela. This is no ordinary man. It takes a human of saintly stature to forgive and embrace with love a system that incarcerated him for 27 years, that destroyed the lives of countless people within the inner ranks and outside his movement, that caused estrangement and eventually separation in two marriages, that prevented him from being a father ... Read More »

What is Ayurveda?


There’s an idea in Ayurveda that, “What heals, also prevents.” As we in the Western world develop our own “science of longevity” based in the undeniable strengths of modern research methodology, it makes sense to take a serious scientific look at botanical medicines already known to be efficacious through thousands of years of practice. Ayurveda provides much wise counsel on, ... Read More »

“TyteBryte” Skin tone

sutra-mag-TyteBryte Skin tone

The most popular treatment in my clinic for both men and women is a treatment called “TyteBryte”.The number one request I get from patients on a daily basis is that they want to be able to go on holiday and not have to spend so much time applying heaps of make-up to cover up uneven skin tone, pigmentation and scarring. ... Read More »

Mother Earth

sutra-mag-Mother Earth

We’ll rise or fall on the quality of our soil. Great civilisations have fallen because they failed to prevent the degradation of the soils on which they were founded. The modern world could suffer the same fate. This is according to Professor Mary Scholes and Dr Bob Scholes who have published a paper in top scientific journal, Science, which describes ... Read More »

GOPIO – Youth Entrepreneurship


Global Organization for People of Indian Origin. GOPIO is a non – partisan, non – sectarian global organization, actively promoting the interests of people of Indian origin worldwide by monitoring and addressing current critical issues of concern, and by enhancing cooperation and communication between groups of Indians living in various countries. Gopio aims to strengthen bonds between Indian communities locally ... Read More »

Martial Arts Action

sutra-mag-Martial Arts Action

Star Sameer Ali in Krrish 3. The Kung Fu revolution began around the early 70s and the genre has certainly developed and evolved greatly over the course of the last four decades. The likes of veteran superstars with an incredible talent of martial arts such as Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Cynthia ... Read More »

Dedication of Qunu and Nkalane Schools

sutra-mag-Dedication of Qunu and Nkalane Schools1

Our children are the rock on which our future will be built. 3 June 1995 – Premier of the Eastern Cape Province; Honourable Ministers; Dr. Venter; Distinguished Guests; Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children: To be at one’s first school of seventy years ago is a humbling experience. To share in the renewal of its fabric, is an inspiring one. Our children ... Read More »

Roast Chicken

sutra-mag-Roast Chicken

Serves 4 INGREDIENTS • 1.5 kg Roasting chicken – with giblets • (Defrost the chicken) • Onions peeled • Salt, pepper and dried herbs • 3 tbsp Sunfoil Pure Sunflower oil • A roasting dish with a lid RICE • 250 ml Allsome Rice • 2.5 ml Salt • 1 l Water METHOD • Heat the oven to 200oC • ... Read More »

History and Origin of the Sari


One of the most sensual attires of Indian women. Normally South Asian women wear over a small blouse called Ravika or Choli with the sari that is fashioned with short sleeves and low-cut neck which help South Asian women in withstanding the harsh weather of the region in summer. The sari blouse is also fashioned with various embroidered and embellished ... Read More »

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