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diabetic diet

Change the little things in your everyday life. 1. Try baking more of your favorite meals. 2. Measure your ingredients when cooking, e.g. salt, butter, oil and spices. 3. Change to olive oil, use less. 4. Understand each meal, is it balanced in protein, starch and carbohydrates. 5. Have smaller meals every 4 hours. Bake: Cheesy Omelette Roll Ingredients » ... Read More »

The history of naan


  Naan is a staple accompaniment to hot meals in Central and South Asia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, India, Tadjikistan and the surrounding region. The first recorded history of naan can be found in the notes of Amir Kushrau (1300 AD) as naan-e-tunuk (light bread) and naan-e-tanuri (cooked in a tandoor oven) at the imperial court in Delhi. Naan ... Read More »

Muskaan Cooking Demo

Muskaan brings together women from the Indian expatriate community as well as South African Indians living in this country for generations. It provides them a platform for meaningful social and community service and serves as a filament of bonding for them. To form and foster a strong and relevant women’s body that is capable of participating and making serious contributions ... Read More »



There is also the theory that the Europeans sailed the seas towards what they called ‘spice islands.’ Their aim was to obtain the spices abundant in Africa, India and Southeast Asia on one side, and the Caribbean and Latin America on the other, in order to flavour up their otherwise bland food. Some of these sailors liked to carry their ... Read More »

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