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The  Holi Festival of Colours. Capetonians and the Holi Festival of Colours 2013 came together to celebrate our rainbow nation and all its different colours. Sahara Park Newlands has seen its fair share of colourful crowds while hosting numerous domestic and international cricket matches as well as the glamorous IPL tournament in 2009. These crowds were, however, pale in comparison ... Read More »

Stephan Claassen

  What it’s like to live in the mystical nation of India? This country is sometimes known as the land of extremes: it’s extremely large, extremely civilized, and extremely diverse in terms of population, natural attractions, and weather. The people are deeply religious, highly cultured, and good-natured. We found  it’s extremely exciting to know about what motivated Stephan Claassen, a ... Read More »

Ela Gandhi


    Ela Gandhi was born on 1 July 1940 to Manilal and Sushila Gandhi at the Phoenix Settlement (district of Inanda, Durban) where she spent some of the most important and formative years of her life. The younger of two daughters, Ela Gandhi obtained a BA Degree from Natal University and Honours in Social Science through Unisa. This staunch ... Read More »

Rakesh Jeewanlall


  Stipendiary steward Rakesh Jeewanlall, 44, married to Yashini (a bookkeeper) and father of two lovely children, Suman (16) and Shaeen (9), has come a long way since his first July handicap in 1990. The former architect from Croftdene, Chatsworth, followed a career in Architecture and Structural Engineering. On graduating he worked for Mike Patterson Building Designer from 1987 to ... Read More »

Why go to the temple?


  A ‘devotee’ wrote a letter to the editor of an indian newspaper and complained that it made no sense to go to the Temple . ‘I’ve gone for 30 years now, he wrote, and in that time I have heard something like 3,000 mantras. But for the life of me, I can’t remember a single one of them. So, I ... Read More »

What makes a good friend?


  It is stated that the true value of friendship can’t be measured, but treasured. If you’re among those fortunate few who claim to have good or best friends, you know that this could not have been more correct. You might have had many different types of friends from childhood, school, work or friends who are friends of the friends. ... Read More »

Indian dinning customs


  Dining customs in India are quite dissimilar to those in other countries. There it is considered proper Indian etiquette to consume with your hands; this is the way a lot of the Indian people eat. It is tradition and part of the Indian culture; it is also a recognized part of Indian etiquette. Although very few people practice this ... Read More »

Abstinence: The Only 100% Fail-Safe Birth Control Method


  This article talks about how natural birth control is different from other methods of birth control. It discusses several methods of natural birth control, and explains on how it is done. Among all methods, abstinence may be the most effective way in preventing pregnancy In the simplest explanation, birth control and all its methods are based on either preventing ... Read More »

6 Simple Breathing Exercise To Deal With Stress


  Breathing is something we all do during our life time. We all know we are going to die if we are not breathing. Breathing is a reflex action done by our body to provide the flow of oxygen around the body to the vital organs. Wikipedia, online encyclopedia, describes humans breathe between 12 and 20 times per minute, with children ... Read More »

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