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Muskaan Cooking Demo

Muskaan brings together women from the Indian expatriate community as well as South African Indians living in this country for generations. It provides them a platform for meaningful social and community service and serves as a filament of bonding for them. To form and foster a strong and relevant women’s body that is capable of participating and making serious contributions ... Read More »

Oh, it tastes like heaven!


  Addiction to lip-smacking and tongue enticing conventional Indian food is not something new. Not just Indians, but people around the world love to eat the highly adored as well as tasty Indian meals. As we say that traditional Indian food from Indian food outlets around the world has made folks fall in love with this because it appears as ... Read More »

Snacks with an Indian flavour


    Anyone with the nutritional limitation will explain exactly how hard it’s whenever you’re  offered snacks…most of times you need to turn all of them away or worse still be satisfied  with the less nicer choice. The trouble is intolerances are rising and wheat and gluten are usually the most common – they aren’t the same thing. Whole wheat ... Read More »

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