Tuesday, 18 June, 2019

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Khap Panchayats leaders deny Aamir Khan a chance

aamir khan

Aamir Khan Dropped from Haryana Mahapanchayat! Latest reports suggest that leaders of the Khap Panchayats in Haryana have dropped the idea of inviting the superstar and his wife Kiran Rao for the Mahapanchayat being held at Bibipur village, to discuss the raging issue of female feticide. Apparently, the decision was taken as some local panchayat leaders objected to the portrayal ... Read More »

Zaheera Mahomed

zaheera mahomed

Zaheera Mahomed heads up the new business development portfolio for Saffron TV. With a track record in advertising, brand and design, she has accomplished a laudable reputation in the sales environment. Q: Share with our readers the things that you feel that have contributed to YOU being a successful business professional, loving partner and a caring parent. A: I have been very ... Read More »

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