Monday, 17 June, 2019

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Is temporary the new mainstream?

The corporate myth might chime ‘work more to earn more’, but of late, there has been an influx of temporary professionals forming the “free agent nation”. Temporary professionals, or supertemp as some baptize them, are not just those who are in between jobs but even well-renowned head honchos of the top corporate entities in the world, with degrees from deemed ... Read More »

Beating the December Cash Flow Blues


  6 Ways to help you ease the financial burden over the festive season In business, cash flow forms the heartbeat of your organization, regardless of the size or nature thereof. For all of us SMME’s out there, we know this to be even more-true for our own businesses. The usual reasons for these are twofold. Most SMME’s out there ... Read More »

Face of Sutra 2010

  Who are the Faces of Sutra? - The Faces of SUTRA will be the premium Brand Ambassadors of SUTRA Magazine. -The first Face of SUTRA Competition was limited to only young women, but this time SUTRA opened the competition to both male and female contestants. -The decision to include young men in the competition is based on research that ... Read More »

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