Wednesday, 22 January, 2020
Satish Dhupelia

Satish Dhupelia

A journalist with a grand history.

Satish Dhupelia is the eldest of three siblings and he grew up with his two sisters and parents in the heart of Durban (town) living on the 4th floor of Kismet Building in Prince Edward Street. He lived here until 1979 and then moved back in 1985 to live in town for 15 more years before purchasing a home in Sherwood. Town was a colorful place then and Satish has tons of stories he could regale you with ranging from gang warfare and riots, to politics and sport. In close proximity to where he stayed, were many prominent political figures, including Praveen Gordhan and Natu Bamenia.
His weekends and holidays were spent at the Phoenix Settlement, the farmwhere his great grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi had lived. The settlement was looked after by his grandmother Sushilla Gandhi and he has many stories to tell of how this lady wearing a Khadi sarie, who arrived from India with just a smattering of English, was loved by so many around her and how she managed a printing press churning out the paper that Gandhi founded, ‘The Indian Opinion’ and running a 100 acre farm. She quelled riots by walking calmly in the middle of the crowd and talking to them, and Satish plans to write a book on this magnificent lady.

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