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Humza Mahomed-I love Marketing Brands

Humza Mahomed-I love Marketing Brands

1. Tell us where you are from, where you grew up, and your childhood.
I come from Pretoria, South Africa. I spent most of my childhood years in a town called Laudium after deciding to
live with my grandmother in Johannesburg in my high school years.
2. Tell us about your parents and siblings.
My father is a qualified electrical engineer who joined the family business when I was born and ever since has been an
inspiring entrepreneur. My mom is the accountant and works closely with my dad in our small but profitable cash and carry.I have 3 siblings. My brother teaches economics and is married with 2 kids. I have two sisters who follow my brother: one is a qualified fashion designer from the LISOF Fashion design school and she is also happily married with 2 kids. The other sister is the baby of our family and she is currently a first year law student at WITS University.
3. Which school did you attend and share one thing about your school that you will never forget?
I attended Parktown Boys High School. The one thing I cannot forget is that I was allowed to experience different disciplines such as sport, academics and cultural activities. I was able to learn great leadership and teamwork through these disciplines. I remember leadership camp when I was afraid of heights and couldn’t climb a log ladder. My team encouraged me to move forward and at the end, the feeling was victorious. Surprisingly, my biggest hobby today is rock climbing and hiking.
4. Your career, where did it start? Please elaborate on some of the challenges and opportunities.

My career started in a warehouse at age 12 when I was asked to move a pallet of OMO and Surf boxes and load it in a truck
and present invoices. This was the most curious part of my career where I would spend weekends and school holidays
in my dad’s business. I was amazed and learned about brands and products and where they feature in our lives. I then started as marketing assistant at an events company in my final year of studies and worked with numerous brands. My first job was to convince schools that Heinz would like to do a nutrition road show. My first few phone calls were tough and complicated and I realized that I would have to be more creative, thereby getting kids and parents to convince the
schools that they needed a nutritional corner. I booked 100 schools in just one day. Thereafter my marketing career
at Amka products as an intern started where I realized that my passion lies in taking small brands and turning them around to their full potential. I became junior brand manager and then brand manager, dealing with the ethnic market which I found most exciting. I found my passion in marketing of personal grooming and hair-care products for both men and women. My next step thereafter was joining Revlon’s dynamic beauty division as the product manager for male grooming

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