Wednesday, 22 January, 2020
Chairman of Edison Corporation

Chairman of Edison Corporation

Vivian Reddy

Born in Durban, South Africa, Vivian Reddy is a South African businessman. He started the company Edison Power Electrical Group in the 1970’s and is now a leader in property, casinos and the electrical sector. Reddy has initiated a corporate social program that includes educational bursaries, poverty alleviation projects and a trust to benefit Aids orphans. He also led the development of the Monte Vista Casino in Newcastle.
No expense has been spared to mark KwaZulu-Natal businessman Vivian Reddy’s 60th birthday and the 35th anniversary of his company.
Edison Power
The party’s theme was, “Diamonds in the Rough”, “ONE dream, 10 000 smiles.”
Vivian Reddy has booked the entire uShaka Marine World to entertain 10 000 disadvantaged children who will be cared for by 500 child minders.
“Our children are diamonds in the rough with overwhelming potential to succeed if provided the opportunity and socially responsible business needs to create this. This will bring 10 000 smiles to 10 000 children,” said Reddy.
The kids, who come from different children’s homes and which are among the poorest, shared a massive 2.5 ton birthday cake which was baked by Durban master baker Previn Naidoo of The Baking Pan.

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