Saturday, 23 February, 2019
The modern Indian woman

The modern Indian woman

Indian girls are no more simple housewives. They as well are enlightened at par with the Indian boys. Nowadays most Indian ladies are professionals and professionals with a full-time career on hand. Nevertheless, it is loathsome to see the practice of daughters being weighed in the marriage market established on the dowry and material possession that they bring along! Only the elements of dowry have transformed over times! In the past, gold and silver formed the major part of the dowry while nowadays; boys ask advanced elements like a flat in the city Centre, an imported car, or a hi-fi bike. All this in addition to the hefty pay-packets that the young lady gets along with!

It’s really sickening to read about dowry death cases every day in the media. What is traumatizing is that even highly educated professionals die an incapacitated death because of dowry! And then of what use is education either to the victim or to the culprit? If education has not given the right kind of values to the men and the self-assurance and psychological strength to the women, then what is the use of such a system?

Unless the sons are instructed right from puerility that daughters are equal to them in all regards and as a matter of fact more important to this world and also taught to take pride in self-esteem and independence, this practice session will not die. Men ought to be embarrassed to depend on the riches and income that their spouses bring from their families. Income and healthiness earned by hard work and honesty should emphatically arouse men, rather than ‘easy’ money that is delivered to them!

Sons should be instructed the value of human relationship, the key role that a woman plays in all stages of her life as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, as a married woman, as a mother, as a grannie and as a sister-in-law and made to respect the women around them at home, in school, in college and all around them.

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