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The ABC of losing weight

The ABC of losing weight


Day-to-day dieting graph: – Don’t rush for a crash program, no need to kill yourself and then face problems in the future. Design a healthy eating diet graph for yourself. Here is an example of how to format your program.

Breakfast-Sprouts or 2 slice of bread toast or egg white

Snack – Fruit or tea or coffee with crackers

Lunch – 1 small cup of rice with curry and salad with any soup

Snack – Fruit or tea of coffee

Dinner – 2 idly or 2 small dorsa’s or 2 chapathy


You can design a simple exercise program. I would recommend an hour a day for walking or cycling, jogging or any aerobic exercise. I encourage you to have a diet chart .Start writing your own food diary and an exercise program. You can start by having a weekly diary and a weekly exercise program. One thing that you should remember is that drastic weight loss is not advisable. Don’t expect to lose a lot of weight in a short time, it may affect your health also and it may have Side effects. Change your eating habits and exercise regularly. Try to maintain your weight and don’t allow it to increase. Slow but sure is the best. Be strict with what you eat and disciplined in exercising.


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