Saturday, 18 January, 2020
“South Africa’s Suspended Revolution”

“South Africa’s Suspended Revolution”

Hopes and Prospects.
Habib and Pahad, former minister in the South African presidency, will discuss South Africa’s foreign policy in relation to the National Development Plan and in the context of Habib’s recently published book, “South Africa’s Suspended Revolution: Hopes and Prospects”.
A professor of political science, Habib has more than 30 years of academic, research, institutional and administration expertise. South Africa’s Suspended Revolution: Hopes and Prospects is essentially about how South Africa got to its current state of affairs, what the country’s challenges are, and how these can be transcended.
“The prevailing orthodoxy, both domestically and internationally, is that foreign policy under Zuma has lost its moorings. The Economist argues that South Africa’s contemporary foreign policy has no coherence, is caught between the contradictory values of national sovereignty and human rights and has resulted in ‘a mishmash of unpredictable responses to apparently similar situations in different countries’.
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