Tuesday, 18 June, 2019
Shanti Dynamite

Shanti Dynamite

Playboy girl turn sexy Santa clause.
For all you grownups, Santa is a mere fantasy but when you have a Santa Clause as hot as Shanti Dynamite many of you would love to see this fantasy come true. The sensational Playboy TV firebrand Shanti Dynamite has been spotted flaunting black hot dress standing near a Santa clause. She exhibited the festival by slipping into extremely sexy outfits. Playboy popular TV star Shanti Dynamite who hosts adult chat show in UK , she began her career as a teenager, starting as a glamour model on the popular hotel Voyeur, A UK based topless show and she is all set to enter in Bollywood.
Shanti Dynamite said, “It’s the best part of the year, the festive spirit abounds and the whole community comes together beautifully. The city is completely lit up and the year is coming to an end and you can feel the spirit of Christmas in the air. I believe in Santa Claus.”
We are just about Ten days away from X-mas and Shanti is enjoying on the festive occasion in the best possible way. “May the festival shower you with all the happiness and prosperity in the world”, she added.

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