Tuesday, 20 August, 2019
Work at home mum

Work at home mum

Wahms are a growing population of working America.

As more and more women want to spend time with their children and need to bring in an income, there has been a boom in the work at home industry. Making the decision to work at home is not always an easy one. Before you decide that being a Wahm (Mothers who work at home) is right for you, you need to take a few things into account.
You’ll need to decide if being a Wahm is right for you and your family. There are many benefits to working out of the home. You can set your own hours, you don’t have to commute to work and you can be there for your kids when they need you. However, there are some downsides as well. There are also challenges related to juggling work time and family time.

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