Sunday, 20 October, 2019
Score Yourself

Score Yourself

So why nurture an optimist’s point of view?
And why now? Well, optimism has been linked to positive moods and good morale to academic, athletic, military, occupational and political success; from popularity to good health and even to long life and freedom from trauma.
On the other hand, the rates of depression and pessimism have never been higher. It affects middle-aged adults the same way it hits younger people. The average age of onset has gone from 30 to 15. It is no longer a middle-aged housewife’s disorder but also a teenager’s disorder as well.
Here’s how optimists are in action and researches that back up why it really pays to be an optimist:
Optimists Expect The Best.
The defining characteristic of pessimists is that they tend to believe that bad events that will last a long time and undermine everything they do, are their own fault. The truth is that optimists are confronted with the same hard knocks of this world.
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