Thursday, 27 June, 2019
Ideas on Table Decor
ideas on table decor

Ideas on Table Decor

Naqiyah’s enthusiasm was infectious among the workshop attendees.

Naqiyah Mayat’s fashion and lifestyle workshop concept elevates home entertaining to a veritable art form. She’s not averse to using a duvet as a tablecloth and was not afraid to tell the room about it either. The audience reciprocated with avid note-taking and a frenzy of outstretched Blackberry phones clicking away while Naqiyah Mayat demonstrated how richly brocaded curtain fabric can be used to robe tables for luxurious, yet inexpensive, effect. This was the opening scene to a lifestyle workshop with Naqiyah, a graphic designer and stylist behind the NiQi Living Luxe lifestyle brand, who has just spent the weekend in Durban offering two half-day sessions replete with fresh insights into memorable tablescaping, event-planning and fashion styling.

Branded as NiQi Living Luxe Living The Lifestyle Workshops and High Teas, these workshops have already met with positive response in Johannesburg and has moved to KwaZulu Natal.

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