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How diyas are used on Diwali

How diyas are used on Diwali


Diya can be defined as a little earthen lamp that’s specially lit on Diwali for pujan and decoration purposes. A cotton wick can be used in diyas, and oil or ghee serves as the burning fuel. Diyas are plain or colored, big or small, simple and fancy, and so on. Various kinds of diyas are appropriate for various applications. Children could also make their owndiyas as a fun activity on Diwali. This may be done by using clay or dough. It is better not to make use of a wool wick in ghee diyas.

As the festive season approaches near, markets get flooded with various types of gifts, decoration, and puja items. The crafted and designer diyas are one of the big attractions in such markets. Diyas embellished with zari, painted patterns, mirrors, etc. are very enticing by their very appearance. Diwali melas, markets, and haats, showcase a multitude ofhandcrafted items produced by ceramic and handicraft artists throughout the country. Diwali diyas are one of the major attractions in such markets. Besides the conventional single spout diyas, multi spout diyas like 10, 11, and 21 spout diyas, and Laxmi-Ganesha diyas can be seen in Diwali markets. Also, multicolored and vibrant colored diyas present in diwali haats and diwali melas look fabulous.

However old may be the tradition of diyas on Diwali, it has never lost its significance and charm. Diwali celebrations are incomplete and graceless without the use of Diwali diyas. There is no doubt, diyas were, are, and will remain an essential part from the Diwali festival.



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