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Friday, 22 June, 2018

Gemstones and their effect on the body

GEMSTONES ARE THE MOST important remedial measure used in Vedic astrology. Gems possess the greatest power of any substances found on earth to transmit planetary influences. Most people who receive a Vedic astrological reading come away with a gem recommendation and think that without a gem stone, a reading is not complete.
Gemstones are formed by the cosmic rays transmitted through the planets. They represent the energies of the planets deposited on earth. Gems are the ultimate concentration of light energy in the mineral, a kind of condensed light that can hold and reflect the light of the stars.
Gemstones work on an etheric plane, bringing the astral light of the planets into the physical realm. They carry the influences to help and balance our aura or pattern of light – for example, the ruby for the sun and the pearl for the moon, correspond with particular planets and can serve as conduits for their energy.
Vedic astrology has its own complex yet precise system for determining which gems to wear, how to wear them and what their effects are.
Gems for planets
Each planet has its own gem stone.
Sun    ruby
Moon    pearl
Mars    red coral
Mercury    emerald
Jupiter    yellow sapphire
Venus    diamond
Saturn    blue sapphire
Rahu    hessonite garnet
Ketu    cats eye
Metals for setting gemstones
Astrologers have different thoughts on metals for setting gemstones. Silver is recommended because it is cooling and the metal has lunar qualities. Gold is warming and it works well with the solar qualities.
Fingers and the planets
High quality gems are most effectively worn as rings. The fingers have a special capacity to conduct the energy of the gemstone into the rest of the body, because the fingers are connected to the subtle channels of the mind and the nervous system.
Index finger    ether    Jupiter
Middle finger    air    Saturn
Ring finger     fire-water     Sun & Moon
Little finger    earth    Mercury
The right thumb relates to the sun and the left thumb relates to the moon. It is not advisable to wear rings on the thumbs as it can block the energy flow into the body.
Rings should be worn upon the fingers of their respective planets. The first set of planets is the Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter. The second lot is Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. 
Necklaces hanging around the neck have different effects according to the length. The necklace that hangs on the throat with a particular gemstone will have an effect on the throat chakra, and will improve communication. Necklaces hanging up to the heart have more an effect on the heart chakra.
Gems for the sun, moon and Venus have effects on the heart chakra. It will increase emotion, love vitality and circulation. Another method is to use one’s planetary gemstone as the central bead in one’s mala for reciting sacred  mantras imparted to you by a Guru who is a person who is learned enough to impart sacred knowledge or mantras to a disciple. Gemstones can be kept on alters, in healing rooms, in cars, etc. I keep my amethyst on the altar at the feet of Sri Sarada Devi who is known as the Holy Mother of the universe.
Healing with gem or crystals
Gemstone healing is a very powerful form of healing. When the physical body is going through dis-eases (in alternate health there is never a ‘disease’ in the body; there is always a dis- ease) to create a healing and peaceful atmosphere, the healer will prepare the room with candles, aromatic oil burners and incense with soft music to enhance the energy in the healing room. The client is put on a bed and crystals are placed on the different energy points of the body. After some time the crystal gets hot and by the heat of the crystal, you are able to feel all the negative energy in the body being drawn out. After the healing is over, the client is left feeling balanced on all three levels that is body, mind and soul.
Garnet is the stone for January. Garnets are used for protection and it is believed that garnets protect the wearer from any sort of evil.
Amethyst or the bloodstone is the stone for February, the amethyst is purple in colour and the colour purple is the colour of royalty and spirituality.
Aquamarine is the stone for March; it is blue/green in colour and the stone bestows courage, insight and victory.
Diamond is the stone for April and it enhances trust and love. The ancient Hindus called the diamond “Vajra” (lighting) because of the light it emits.
Emerald is the stone for May and it symbolises serenity and peace of mind.
Pearl and moonstone are the stones for June, it calms the mind.
Ruby is the stone for July, it represents eternal love.
The Peridot  is the stone for August, it brings energies from the aura to the physical body.
Blue Sapphire is the stone for September, it brings clarity and clears mental garbage.
Opal or Tourmaline is the stone for October and tourmaline is the crystal for the heart chakra.
Citrine or yellow Topaz are the stones for November; in ancient times the Citrine was carried to protect against evil thoughts.
Blue Topaz is the stone for December and topaz helps for insomnia and protects against the effects of asthma.

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