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Bridal preparation

Bridal preparation


Since  getting married is such an important thing,  you should prepare in advance to appear your best in such a short time. To begin with try and be  relaxed, you need to feel composed and cheerful, only then will you have a bright face on your  big day.


It is true that facials assist us to appear well but if you are prone to pimples then maybe you can try and keep away from facials so that your face skin will be fair on the day. You will be able to abide by a simple set of rules to look fresh for  the big day. Look for  household remedies that go well with your skin type .I would advise you to  use milk cream and besan to clean and moisturize your skin.First do  it for a day and see if you find any difference in your skin. As well at night time or when your eyes start feeling tired take two slices of cucumber or raw potato to console your eyes.  Take not less than eight glasses of water to remove  out all the toxins and get that beaming skin.Most importantly a good night sleep is a must.


Separate from these, make it a point that you choose your best sari of the best colour and jewellery that will make you stand out. You need to recognise what suits you and accordingly design your look for the day.The next crucial  thing is your hairdo, make sure you get all this right before the wedding day.Remember o eat well, because eating right is another crucial step to a beaming skin.


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