Monday, 20 January, 2020
Baby food

Baby food


A baby, subsequent to its birth is entirely depended on breast milk nevertheless as it grows, various nutrient items need to be brought in to keep it mentally and physically sound. Baby food needs to be selected very cautiously as they are really delicate. Their body is not armored to fight back bacteria’s and if not selected the right way, can lead to life-threatening problems. Baby food is restrained to certain food items and we need to make sure that inside these limits the baby gets all the nourishing. Contrary to grownups, babies need to consume their food numerous times a day. They cannot have a volume in once thus, it is crucial that they are fed in intervals.

Well Cooked Food – Baby food needs to be prepared well for them to find it easy to swallow. But one matter we want to commemorate is that well-cooked does not mean over cooked. Over cooked food lose their nutrients. The food even though boiled should be tasty. If they don’t like the food, they would not like to eat it. To make the food tasty, you can toss it up with butter or mash it with cooked dal water. This adds on some taste to the food and the baby likes it. Fruit crush is beneficial for your baby and ought to be given every morning and evening prior to three o’ clock. Though contemporary doctors, ascertain that having food fruit after three o’ clock is no offense but it is finest to adhere to the old norms. The reason is that 3 o’ clock is the time when in most parts of India Sun starts setting and at this time the fruits undergo chemical changes which is not in favor of the body. Fruit juice ought also to be given to the baby 30 minutes after breakfast. This will forbid acidity. Whenever your baby is however on milk diet, then it is best to avoid fruit crush as it might cause acidity and stomach pain.


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