Sunday, 26 May, 2019
Top Tips for Trim Hips this festive season

Top Tips for Trim Hips this festive season

Eat organic wherever possible.

The sun is out, the water is warm and it’s the time of the year for family gatherings, thanksgivings and huge celebrations. Make sure you can fit into your favourite garments this festive season by following the tips below
Have some of these staples in your kitchen at all times to use as ‘fillers’ for various dishes jarred or tinned tomatoes, fruits and vegetables, baby food (can be used as purees in foods instead of creams and sauces), oats, low-sodium organic chicken broth, canned beans, frozen prawns and fish, boneless and skinless chicken breasts, eggs (boil a few and keep them in the fridge), frozen home-made chilli and/or tomato sauces, olives and artichokes in olive oil, various flavoured vinegars like balsamic, apple cider, raspberry etc. – adds the flavour without the fat!!
Organic foods haven’t been sprayed with chemicals and pesticides and have more nutrition as a result. You will probably feel nutritionally satisfied as there are more vitamins and minerals in the food and therefore not as hungry – meaning you need to eat less.
Consume essential fatty acids. EFAs are foods that are high in certain fats that actually help promote weight loss – That’s because fat is metabolized more slowly than carbs or protein, so including it in balanced snacks and meals will keep the body satisfied longer and help with cravings too.
Fill your day with non-starchy vegetables

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