Saturday, 18 January, 2020
Thai Chicken Dish

Thai Chicken Dish

Serves 4
• 3 Boneless chicken fillets sliced. If you debone the chicken remember to use the bones to make a stock.
• 1 Red pepper deseeded and sliced
• 1 Onion sliced
• 250g Mushrooms sliced
• 1 Bottle of Thai sauce
• 3 tbsp Sunfoil Pure Sunflower oil
• 250 ml Allsome Rice
• 2.5 ml Salt
• 1 l Water
• As this dish does not take long to cook, put the rice on to cook while you prepare the ingredients for the rest of the meal. Cook the Allsome Rice according to the instructions on the packet.
• Heat a pot or wok until very hot.
• Add the oil and once it has heated; quickly toss the chicken until nearly cooked through.
• Add the onions and pepper – tossing so that the food doesn’t stick to the pan.
• Cook for about three minutes.
• Lastly add the mushrooms and once they have cooked, turn down the heat and add the
Thai sauce.
• For a delicious healthy meal, serve immediately with Allsome rice

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