Wednesday, 21 August, 2019

Sweet Surrender

Whether you were impressed by Vianne Rocher’s magical chocolate making skills in Joanne’s Harris’s novel Chocolat or if are simply crazy about chocolate, The Chocolate Studio in Green Point, Cape Town is the place for you. The first of its kind in South Africa, the studio offers specialised training workshops to entry level chefs, non professionals and chocolate enthusiasts. The three workshops, endorsed by Lindt, will range from basic decadent desserts to more complex chocolate décor and showpiece making. Top South African pastry chef and chocolate master, Dimo Simatos, will be running the interactive workshops for six to eight people.

He says: “The workshops offer each participant an opportunity to gain insight and obtain a better understanding of the secretive world of chocolate making and its confections. The workshops are designed to be a semi hands-on demonstration and practical training. Because of the nature and specialised techniques required for chocolate work, participants will be active in some of the aspects of the chocolate creations, but not all, as many methods have to be observed first to have a better understanding of the process”. As part of the workshop, attendees will gaining a theoretical understanding of the how chocolate is processed from bean to bar, learn the various methods of chocolate tempering, learn to create centres and fillings and do hand moulding. Dimo is regarded as one of the finest pastry chefs in South Africa. His formal training began with the City and Guilds pastry course and trained in chocolate work in the United States, France and practical training.

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