Tuesday, 20 August, 2019

Muskaan Cooking Demo

Muskaan brings together women from the Indian expatriate community as well as South African Indians living in this country for generations. It provides them a platform for meaningful social and community service and serves as a filament of bonding for them. To form and foster a strong and relevant women’s body that is capable of participating and making serious contributions in socially relevant projects targeted as the welfare of the local community of which we all are part. To operate a non-profit organisation channelizing its efforts in raising funds for charitable causes to support underprivileged women, children and the destitute. Our primary objective, of course, is to raise resources for deserving charities. However, the incidental benefits of networking and bonding between the South African Indians and Indian expatriate community, is also essential to the synergies that Muskaan is able to create and would have a positive impact on its aims.

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