Sunday, 26 May, 2019
Spiritual Entrepreneur

Spiritual Entrepreneur

Ishwar Ramlutchman
Philanthropist, humanitarian, author and businessman born 37 years ago to Seetha and Ramlutchman Kissoon was named “Ishwar,”a philosophical concept in Hinduism meaning “god”a profound contrast,to living and being raised in a weather beaten tin house in an informal suburb known as Lot 14 in Stanger on the North Coast of KZN. Life was difficult and challenging in this poor community but the struggles they experienced didn’t breed animosity or racial tension. If fact, it did exactly the opposite. Their poverty was the common element that galvanized a sense of unity amongst this odd mixture of African and Indian neighbours who co-existed in harmony. Oppressed by the social and economic ills that pervaded many such communities, Ishwar was fortunate to have a loving mother who in spite of her own hurt and pain desired the best for her son. This loving and gentle nature passed from mother to son winning Ishwar much respect…

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