Saturday, 18 January, 2020
GOPIO – Youth Entrepreneurship

GOPIO – Youth Entrepreneurship

Global Organization for People of Indian Origin.
GOPIO is a non – partisan, non – sectarian global organization, actively promoting the interests of people of Indian origin worldwide by monitoring and addressing current critical issues of concern, and by enhancing cooperation and communication between groups of Indians living in various countries.
Gopio aims to strengthen bonds between Indian communities locally and globally, as well as between India and its diaspora. An estimated 25 million people of Indian origin (NRI‘s –nonresident Indians, and PIO’s – people of Indian origin) reside outside India. As expatriates, they have significantly contributed to economic transformation within the adopted lands and improved bilateral relations through their achievements, between India and the adopted countries. GOPIO is committed to provide a forum to increase the global network of all NRIs and PIOs and foster fellowship and a sense of brotherhood through community service and networking opportunites.

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