Wednesday, 21 August, 2019
The Business of Fashion

The Business of Fashion

Fashion has a Cycle of plus minus 7-10 Years.

We all know what fashion is, and that it should be about beautiful clothes that allow people to express themselves and make them feel confident or to make that first impression when meeting someone for the first time.
We also all know that fashion can be, and shouldn’t be, about making people feel really, really bad about themselves.
Fashion trends, have nothing to do with looking good, they are entirely about looking different. Some fashion trends also make most people, as many of you have noted in the past, look extremely bad. This is partly due to simple economics: after all, there are only so many flattering trends and designers needed to space out their revivals long enough that people still don’t have the clothes from the last time that trend was in fashion, otherwise they wouldn’t buy new clothes, and then what’s the point? Like double breasted suits were in fashion a while back so now ‘fashion houses’ are starting to introduce this style back into the market because they know that people no longer have double breasted suits in their closets. This is the business of fashion.
{Please remember that not all fashion is like this, e.g. your basic polos or sweaters are always repeated. It’s the ‘bread and butter ‘ and everyone needs to replace them} By making fashion trends that suit only the very thin, very tall and very young, designers are reminding you that, really, fashion is not for you,

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