Saturday, 18 January, 2020

Naleen Collection


Great for special events during the day. Cream saree with gota patti and green patch with multihued resham embroidered floral design along the border. The border is spruced up with green ruffles as well. Saree is adorned with sage green and pale yellow printed floral motifs. The lower part of the pallu includes glass tissue patch with zari and resham embroidered bold floral motifs. Also includes gota patti, green patch with multihued resham embroidered floral design along with green net ruffles. Blouse in moss green is glamorized with golden zari woven polka dots. Sleeves border is similar to saree border. Sleeves would differ from those shown in the image. It wouldn’t be possible to stitch full sleeves. A faux georgette saree.


An exquisite beauty, this saree is bound to make you look your best. Maroon saree with maroon and persian green patches along the border is embellished with sequins, zari and resham embroidered paisley and diamond shaped design. Saree includes beige printed design. Pallu in beautiful persian green features copper colour printed design along with sequins and maroon resham embroidered paisley motifs. Blouse in maroon crepe with sleeves border similar to saree border. The back of the blouse is embellished with sequins, zari and resham embroidered paisley design. The sleeves of the blouse would differ from that shown in the image. A faux georgette and net saree.


Increase your glam quotient with this stunning beauty. Burgundy saree includes contrast green patch along the border dazzled with sequins. Saree is glamorized with Persian green and gold printed floral motifs. The lower part of the saree and pallu features net patch embellished with sequins. Round motifs with applique work in green fabric along with sequins further adds to its beauty. Also includes printed faux chiffon ruffles. Blouse in Persian green crepe with sleeves border similar to saree border. The back of the blouse is embellished with sequins. A faux georgette saree.


This sari truly captures the essence of spring. Multihued floral printed saree with velvet patch along the border is dazzled with resham stripes. Also includes thin pink striped patch with sequins and zari embroidered floral design. Pallu in olive net is enhanced with pink floral applique sparkled with sequins. Paired with a matching multihued floral printed blouse with sleeves border similar to saree border. A faux georgette and net saree.


Extremely beautiful ghagra choli in light blue and pink shades is perfect for special occassions. Ghagra in light blue is adorned with floral creepers, embellished with sequins, beads and stones, growing verticaly all over the ghagra. Huge floral buttis are featured in between the floral creepers. Tiny sequin buttis, fills in the ghagra. Lower half of the ghagra is adorned with intricate floral patterns, embellished with sequins, beads and coloured stones. Comes with a matching pink choli embellished with rows of sequins and beads. Neckline and lower half embellished with floral creepers, using sequins, stones and zardosi. Tie ups, with latkans hanging down, accentuates its beauty.


Awesome Ghagra choli in pista green shade is embellished with tiny floral buttis, using sequins and coloured stones. Upper part features a fancy patch, embellished with crisscross patterns, using beads, sequins, resham threads and coloured stones. Godets part features net fabric, embellished with sequins and beads. Ghagra is decorated with a zari border. Comes with a matching pista green shade choli, embellished with tiny floral buttis, using sequins and beads on the front, with the neckline intricately embellished with floral patterns using sequins, stones and beads. The back features crisscross patterns, embellished with beads. Pretty latkans hang down from the dupatta. Fabric used is faux georgette.


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