Tuesday, 11 December, 2018
Women Are Born Leaders

Women Are Born Leaders

Women have both gentleness and strength.

Indian scriptures place tremendous amount of power in women. In fact, the primordial energy known as Shakti which is the life force behind the whole creation is feminine. That is why our scriptures honor women as the highest aspect of divinity- the Aadi Shakti.

Women bring together the finest aspects of society; the ability to create and the transformational ability to make a difference in the society. Women bring us to the planet and teach us how to live. A mother is our first Guru, our first teacher. Women teach us our first behavior, our first step in life. And then women also have a great role to play in society. She can be a strong peacemaker; at home, in the community, in society and in the world. Women can glue differences and bring people of diverse nature together – she does it in her home all the time!

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