Saturday, 25 January, 2020
The Month of Ramadaan

The Month of Ramadaan

All sins are burnt away and annulled.
Many Muslims look upon the month of Ramadaan as the end of the year, the end of the period of many individual activities, a time to take stock of our spiritual goods, which is rather much more difficult to take stock of spiritual goods as compared to material goods.
Ramadaan is the month of special significance for Muslims which expects from them a certain amount of discipline. In Islam, fasting is obligatory in the month of Ramadaan, a lunar month being 29 days during which there is complete abstinence from food, drink, smoke, intimate marital relationship and any evil thought, word or deed, throughout the day from before sunrise to sunset.
Ramadaan is derived from Ramd, which means, “to burn away”. In fact, this is the month in which God Almighty grants amnesty to all the believers, to all fasting Muslim men and women.
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