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Position of Jupiter in Pisces in the beginning of the year 2011 augurs peace and prosperity in general to all people of the world. Developing countries and under-developed countries will see a rise in economic activities bringing in gains, whereas developed countries will see a decline in their economic suzerainty. Natural calamities and sudden political changes may occur in some countries. Savings in the form of Gold will replace urge to save euro and dollar currencies in developing countries. Fanatic and fundamentalist forces creating havocs and bomb blasts in the name of religion in various parts of the world will face their waterloo and total extinction in the decade beginning with 2011. Conservation of water and energy sources will become a prime need of many nations. Agriculture and science and technology will find new trends in development. Education and employment opportunities will see an upward trend in developing countries. Spiritual yearning of mankind will manifest more prominently in the coming decade. For most of the people, the early part of the year is going to be one of fruitful career and increased income. At the same time, family relationships and intimate friendships are going to be strained, though things will improve to a great extent in the later half. Asian and African nations will gain new strength and power whereas Europe and America will see decline in their power and influence. India will gain recognition as a world power in the decade that begins with the new year.


Problems in the field of employment and business will vanish and help and encouragement of superiors will bring in confidence and strength in the field of work. There will be peace and happiness in the family and relatives will be cooperative and understanding. Those who have gone away from the family for jobs and trade will rejoin the family. Marriage alliances will work out successfully. Business started in the first two months of this year will bring in good returns. New trade contracts will be signed. However, a little care is to be bestowed in signing documents and agreements. Sufficient care is to be taken in the matter of health in the later half of this year.


Beginning of the new year augurs success in endeavours. There will be problems of health and career in the first half of the year. However, patience and control of words will pave way for peaceful resolution of problems. Name, fame and help from friends will come up in the year. Expenses should be taken care of. New endeavours in the field of profession and business will be fruitful. Auspicious events will take place at home. Sudden travel and expenses will happen. Care must be taken to avoid accidents.  Acquisition of property and increased income will bring happiness. Maintaining good relations with parents, brothers and relatives is essential for peace and harmony at home.


In the early part of the year there will be some depression in the mind, occurrence of unwanted expenses and problems in the family. However the problems will vanish in the later half of the year. Increase in income, investment in new shares and good returns in business will occur. Opportunities for new jobs, acquisition of landed property and vehicle will come handy after June. There will be some trouble in the places of work, but control of emotion will bring in good turns. Health will be affected and sufficient care is to be taken in the afflictions of ear, nose, throat and nervous system by taking early treatment. The last two months of the year will be period of major benevolent changes in life.


Influence of Jupiter will pave way for upliftment in career, income and success in trade. Change of residence and career will take place. Meeting with spiritual persons will help in gaining self-confidence and mental strength. After February, there will be some small misunderstandings in the family, but they will disappear in the second half of the year. Disappointments and difficulties of the past will evaporate like mist in sunlight.  New innovations in the field of trade and business will bring in success. This year is best for taking up new and challenging projects. There will be perfect health and mental poise throughout the year.


Entrance of Jupiter into his home zodiac will bring solution to all vexing problems confronted so far and confer success, peace and strength of mind. Auspicious events like marriage and child birth will happen in the family. Some unwanted expenses and misunderstanding with relations at home is likely to crop up, but it would be tackled in time. People in political field will miss some good opportunities because of careless handling of situations. Greater care is to be bestowed in health matters during this year. Things will brighten up in the second half of the year and excellent new opportunites will arise to build up career and business.


Differences of opinion among family members will vanish and mutual help and cooperation will contribute to success in building up family trade and profession. Lost positions in life will be regained and wealth and prosperity will smile. Employment of children and contacts with important persons will create happiness and peace in the family. Legal disputes will be solved favourably and help will come from higher officials in the field of work. Though Saturn will create some small problems, alertness and understanding with fellow workers in the field of work will help in solving them. After June, achievements will show an upward trend and health will be stable.


A year of mixed happiness and suffering is ahead. A balanced mind will enable easy solution to problems that arise from time to time. Help will come from people in high positions and marriages and auspicious events will take place at home. Burden of job, loss of wealth and medical expenses will affect the mind, but things will change after March. There will be promotions in job and increase in income. Influence of Saturn will help in stabilizing your position and entering into new ventures. Differences of opinion among members of family will vanish and property disputes will come to an end. People in political field will go closer to the leaders and gain influence among comrades.


Stresses and strains of the past make you enter this year with a little exhaustion and it is better to give time to regain vitality and strength. On the whole, this is a good year contributing to rise in the standard of life. Things will take place as you aspire and you will find new energy and enthusiasm in starting new ventures. Old properties will be disposed off and new houses and vehicles will be acquired. Unemployed people will find very good job opportunities. Debts will be cleared and money will be spent for religious activities like renovation of temples, etc. Foreign travel is likely to take place. Income will increase from March and promotions in job will take place after April.


Problems may arise in family and misunderstanding among brothers may occur, but careful and tactful handling can resolve the issues. Better not to interfere in the affairs of relatives and friends. Parents at home might suffer from diseases like blood pressure, sugar complaint and arthritis and medical expenses and expenses on house and vehicles will increase. Children may go away to distant places for jobs and professions. After April, there is improvement in the field of business and profession and new agreements will be signed. Friends will come to help in new dealings. Health conditions will improve. Opportunities will arise for travel and entertainment.


The year ahead is a period when decisions are to be taken with firmness and courage. Avoid bringing in outsiders to interfere in your family affairs. Children may go abroad for job. There will be an increase in income and family properties will be renewed. Help of important persons will come and purchase of house or building new house will take place. Expenses for health will increase. New urge for spiritual activities will rise. Marriage and religious activities will take place at home. Saturn may create some psychological problems but taking care of the body and tackling challenges with courage and alertness will do away with tension and stresses. New investments will be made in the business and pending dues will be recovered without difficulty.


This year will see you taking decisions on important matters with deep thought and understanding of situations. Family members separated because of suspicion and misunderstanding will come and rejoin. Disputes concerning family property will be resolved and important events like marriage will take place in the family. Trade and business will show a balanced improvement and promotions and increase of salary in the field of work will occur. There will be cooperation from superiors and colleagues in the place of work. It is better to start new ventures at the end of spring. Expenses will be made for the health of family members. Practice of Yoga and visit to pilgrim centres will keep you hale and hearty in the year.


In the early part of the year, there will be stresses and strain due to pressure of work. Keep off undue compassion and unwanted commitments with regard to friends. Atmosphere in the family will be cordial and peaceful. Delayed marriages will be solemnized and couple without children will be blessed with progeny. Government jobs will bring in good income. Better to avoid big investments in trade and business. Income from shares will increase. In the first half of the year, career, income and profits will show an upward swing, but in the later half, there will be struggle to maintain and preserve what has already been achieved. Do not enter into fields unexplored and avoid differences of opinion with co-workers in office.


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