Thursday, 21 November, 2019
Godh bharna

Godh bharna

Indian baby shower celebrated in a traditional home.

Godh bharna is a very significant event in the lives of Hindu married women. This function is celebrated for and by women with great festivity. It is a ceremony that celebrates the first pregnancy of the bride of the house and is held in the seventh month of pregnancy. In Hindu mythology ‘godh’ means the lap of the woman and ‘bharna’ means to fill.

Therefore, the mother and mother-in-law of the prospective mother fills her ‘godh’, represented by the palav of her sari with items symbolizing a good omen like a coconut marked with a red swastika, moong, supari (betel nut) and silver coins in one rupee and quarter rupee denominations. (According to Indian tradition, one and a quarter is considered to be a good omen). The elders bless the expectant mother and her unborn child accompanied by traditional festive tunes being sung in the background.

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