Monday, 27 May, 2019
Vikash Mathura

Vikash Mathura

From Chatsworth to Sandton

From entertainment to branding… From being employed to employing.

Tell us where you are from, where you grew up, and about your childhood.

I was born in Havenside – Chatsworth (the “Ones”), and grew up in a very humble home with my parents; 2 brothers; a dog and lots of birds! I was always the hard-working kid. I get nostalgic when I recall what life in the 1970’s was like…spending leisurely time in our neighbour’s home…playing cricket in the streets…climbing mango trees…waiting for Dad to get home before we all sat together for dinner…experiencing Diwali and Guy Fawkes in all its splendour…
We’ve been living in Sandton (now) for just over a year. JJ and I were fortunate to find a home situated on a beautiful estate that shares a boundary wall with Crawford College (We can literally see the principal’s office!). The location also ticked a few other boxes: The home is 4.5km from my office, and its close proximity to the kids’ school implies that JJ doesn’t have to act as the school-taxi for Shabadh and Simran anymore…

Tell us about your parents and siblings.

My mum has always been a Home Executive. My dad was a strict man, with an old-school outlook on life. He never allowed my mother to work. In fact, the day she got her driver’s licence was also the last day that my dad allowed her to drive! Being the second of three sons came at a price.

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