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Kate Moodley-Winner of Top Woman in Business and Top Woman Executive for 2011

Kate Moodley-Winner of Top Woman in Business and Top Woman Executive for 2011

1. Where you are from, where did you grow up, and describe your childhood?

I grew up in Klerksdorp in the Northwest. I left after matriculation to study in Natal, PMB. I started BA, LLB at the University of Natal ( PMB) and completed my LLM at the University of Natal (Durban) while I was doing my articles at Deney’s Reitz.

2. Tell us about your parents and siblings.

My mum, Neela Moodley, and dad, Kuttapean Moodley, live in Klerksdorp, but will be retiring in Natal shortly. My dad is originally from Empangeni, and mum is from Pietermaritzburg. I have a sister, Mona Naidoo, and she is married with three children—Sivashinee, Tereshin, and Evashin Naidoo. She lives in Klerksdorp and runs her own business.

3. Which school did you attend?

Share one thing about your school that you will never forget. I attended a Catholic School, St Conrad’s College. It was and still is an incredible school. I was a real “nerd”, and focused on my academics. I was appointed Deputy Head Girl in matric. I was privileged enough to attend a racially integrated school during a time when the country was still emerging from apartheid.

4. Tell us about your career; where did it start?P lease elaborate on some of the challenges and opportunities.

I have always believed in leaving a legacy that I can be proud of, and a commitment to excellence in everything. The accomplishments listed below could be viewed as the highlights of my past. My contribution to Women’s Empowerment Projects: – “Discover Yourself”, a National Women’s Empowerment Project – Central Academy at Momentum – Setting up Women-mentorship programmes within Discovery and Momentum – Setting up of bursaries and other forms of funding both within Momentum and Discovery for the development of women My Professional achievements: – Selected as the Spokesperson and Chair of the African Women’s International Conference (March 2010) – Selected as “financial matters” columnist for Women Inc Magazine (July 2011) – Awarded CEO- SA’s Most influential women in business

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