Sunday, 26 May, 2019
India High Commission in South Africa

India High Commission in South Africa

Tribute to Madiba.
He was a symbol of hope to those who had opposed the apartheid regime.
His Excellency, the High Commissioner of India in South Africa, Mr. Virendra Gupta had the privilege of personally meeting former President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela that he will personally cherish as one of the greatest events in his life. Mr. Gupta vividly remembers his first meeting with Mandela in New York which was over tea soon after Mandela was released from prison. While a whole range of issues were discussed, the most cherished time during that delicate hour was listening to Mandela speak. Mr. Gupta described the moment as electrifying, never seeing so much of excitement at the United Nation’s Headquarters building before, with near traffic jams as everyone was trying to get a glimpse of Mandela.
“He was an iconic figure in the community and we were following everything that he said; all the values that he espoused; all the things that he stood for

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