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Wedding Favours Etiquette


Believe it or not, there are actually certain rules of etiquette which apply to the act of giving wedding favours at your wedding reception. Although many of these rules are not as rigid as other types of etiquette, it is important to realize there are some generally accepted principles which are associated with the distribution of wedding favours. These rules ... Read More »

In Praise of Digital Photography

sutra-mag-Digital Photography

More Than Pictures – they are your memories In any discipline, you will have what many think of as “the purists”. Purists are those who revere the way things have always been done and view new innovations in the field as upstarts and obviously of poorer quality than the tried and true methods. This is nowhere more true than photography. ... Read More »

Choosing a Life Partner


Points to consider. Why do you think so many marriages end in divorce in this country? Shree Maa: This country? It’s happening all over the world. Relationships have become competitive instead of being an opportunity to learn respect. Everybody wants to win, but where is the peace? So competition and selfishness are at the root of the problem? Shree Maa: ... Read More »

Musings of a Muslim Wedding

sutra-mag-Musings of a Muslim Wedding

Religious marriages are blessed by all. There are colourful, cultural variations from place to place. The various wedding traditions reflect the diversity of the Muslim world. Most of the  comprise of people who keep faith in Islam. The Islamic weddings are very different from place to place, family to family and practice to practice. A wedding is always a happy ... Read More »

To be a Perfect Bride

be a perfect bride

Perfectly Poised! And fret not, the not-so-well endowed, gifted and the pleasantly plump brides-to-be can gladly dress up to the hilt notwithstanding their body type. Read on to get know-how to look your best on your wedding day. Kavita Shyam finds out… As we see most brides prepare themselves for one of the biggest days of their lives, women should ... Read More »

Getting Married?

wedding beauty preparations

Beauty Preparations you need to Make. Have you recently been engaged? If you have, have you started planning your wedding yet? If you haven’t, you will want to get started with the planning soon. Even if you have already started planning your wedding, have you made all of your beauty preparations yet? Beauty preparations are an important part of planning ... Read More »

Practical Wedding Gifts for Guests

Tips for practical wedding favours to give to your guests. A considerate bride and groom may want to think about giving out wedding favours which are practical instead of simply easy, inexpensive or suitable for the theme of the wedding. This is important because favours which are given for other reasons may not be valued by your guests. In fact ... Read More »

Bridal Hair Design


There are five basic elements of hair design. The process begins with analyzing the entire person, using the elements and principles of design with an understanding of how I can enhance my bride’s positive features and minimize negative features. A good designer always visualizes the finished product before beginning a project. As a hair stylist I develop a strong visual understanding of ... Read More »

Wedding planners – why they are worth it?


Brides on a budget often try to do all the wedding organisation themselves. Then they wonder why they are frazzled, stressed out and way over budget by the time the wedding day arrives. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you want to be able to enjoy it. Most brides don’t have any experience of organising one. ... Read More »

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