Sunday, 26 May, 2019

South African Profile

Ashraf Mohamed – Rags to Riches

1. ABOUT MYSELF I grew up in Vrededorp better known as Fietas, Johannesburg. My father Ismail, who I fondly refer to as Ba is 93 and in excellent health and humour. My mummy Fatima was 82 when she passed on very recently. I shall always remember her fondly as the most contented woman I have ever known. I am eternally ... Read More »

Sugen Pillay

  Tell us about Sugen Pillay, your parents, siblings and childhood. I grew up in a small coastal town of Durban called Isipingo where my passion for this country began. Through my parents I was inspired to serve people. My late dad was an active community worker in his younger days as Secretary of FOSA – an organization that cared ... Read More »

A Mother Beneath the Silk Robe – Judge Mohini Murugasen

Judge Mohini Murugasen, our very own Judge at the KwaZulu-Natal High Court, was appointed in July 2008 as one of the three Indian female justices serving on the KwaZulu-Natal Bench. Becoming a judge was not always her goal, “For one, I didn’t think it was possible, even up to nine years ago. But then I took note of recent appointments ... Read More »

Kala Darshan Manesh Maharaj

MUSIC, DANCE AND DRAMA are probably the most elemental art forms, spontaneously expressing the entire gamut of human emotions. And it is these very characteristics that have spurred performing artist, Manesh Maharaj, to pursue a career encompassing these genres Manesh Maharaj is a consummate artist whose versatility has added a new dimension to the fi eld of entertainment in South ... Read More »

Mala Singh

  Deputy Nat ional Commis sioner of the South Afr ican Police Service: Dr. V. (Mala) Singh THE SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE Service made no mistake in appointing Dr. V. Singh, a well-respected former educationist, as its history-making, fi rst ever Indian female Deputy National Commissioner. When one encounters this petite, no-nonsense police offi cer, one is struck by her humility and ... Read More »

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