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South African Profile

DJ Rakesh Ramdhin-Lotus FM

  Q. Some information about your childhood – where you grew up, what were you like as a child, a bit about your family background? I schooled in Chatsworth, and shortly after matric I relocated to Gauteng. The family is in Midrand. I throughly enjoyed sport and represented KZN in various athletic meetings. Q.Your education – what did you study ... Read More »

Robbie Naidoo

  1. Tell us about yourself, childhood, family and siblings. I grew up in Stanger on the KZN North Coast.. I came from two very different families – my dad’s, the Naidoos, were a business family. My mum’s, the Samuel family, were all educationists and the academic type. There was one common factor though – they all loved sport. So ... Read More »

Ela Gandhi


    Ela Gandhi was born on 1 July 1940 to Manilal and Sushila Gandhi at the Phoenix Settlement (district of Inanda, Durban) where she spent some of the most important and formative years of her life. The younger of two daughters, Ela Gandhi obtained a BA Degree from Natal University and Honours in Social Science through Unisa. This staunch ... Read More »

Rakesh Jeewanlall


  Stipendiary steward Rakesh Jeewanlall, 44, married to Yashini (a bookkeeper) and father of two lovely children, Suman (16) and Shaeen (9), has come a long way since his first July handicap in 1990. The former architect from Croftdene, Chatsworth, followed a career in Architecture and Structural Engineering. On graduating he worked for Mike Patterson Building Designer from 1987 to ... Read More »

Karate Giant of South Africa, Kyoshi Sonny Pillay

    When a poor little boy from the slums of Springfield was weeding the gardens of rich white people on the Berea, he never dreamt that one day he would be a world-renowned karate practitioner and the head of a family that would one day distinguish itself in education, sport, and most notably, karate. That little boy grew up to be Kyoshi (Professor) Sonny Pillay, internationally acclaimed 8th ... Read More »

Ashraf Mohamed Rags to Riches

1.    ABOUT MYSELFI grew up in Vrededorp better known as Fietas, Johannesburg. My father Ismail, who I fondly refer to as Ba is 93 and in excellent health and humour. My mummy Fatima was 82 when she passed on very recently. I shall always remember her fondly as the most contented woman I have ever known. I am eternally grateful ... Read More »

Moga Pillay – The first person of colour to be elected chairman of the KZN Local Racing Board of Gold Circle

Moga Pillay, father of two sons, Vinasen and Mahesh, started his career as an administration manager for Allied Building Society. After thirteen years he left the corporate environment to become an agent of Gold Circle. He managed a few TAB outlets in Chatsworth. Moga’’s wife of 33 years, Thigam Pillay, who worked for Standard Bank for twenty years, resigned to ... Read More »

Allan Reddy – A man with a true vision

ALLAN REDDY WAS ONLY 14 years old, and a keen scholar, when he decided to take the path of becoming an entrepreneur and the young Durban boy instinctively realized that his career as an entrepreneur was sealed, for he immediately had to roll up his sleeves to help keep the home fires burning.  However tough his first job as a ... Read More »

Anitha Soni – Branding South Africa


ANITHA SONI IS A DYNAMIC woman with a multitude of skills and talents, all earned through sheer determination and the will to succeed. She was born and grew up in Durban, on the Kwazulu-Natal North Coast. Anitha spent much of her childhood in Clairwood but in later days moved to Chatsworth together with her family. However, while still in Clairwood, ... Read More »

Dr. A. Reddy – Fountainhead of Youth

  AGEING IS A NATURAL process, but according to Dr. A. Reddy who is a non-invasive surgeon, there are medical procedures today that allow one to still retain one’s youthful beauty during this process. Team SUTRA met with the strikingly beautiful Dr. Reddy recently. Tell us about yourself, childhood, family and siblings. I grew up in a modest family home ... Read More »

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