Monday, 20 January, 2020


The modern Indian woman


Indian girls are no more simple housewives. They as well are enlightened at par with the Indian boys. Nowadays most Indian ladies are professionals and professionals with a full-time career on hand. Nevertheless, it is loathsome to see the practice of daughters being weighed in the marriage market established on the dowry and material possession that they bring along! Only ... Read More »

The Indian way of life


  The Indian way of life can be best conveyed as consisting of Humanness, Permissiveness, Oneness, freedom of worship and intimately knit social structure. The clemency of the Indians has carried on till today, despite the aggression of the Islamic conquerors and the reforming zeal of the British, the Portuguese and the Dutch. The Indians are noted for their humanness ... Read More »

The Indian woman in South Africa making strides.


Indian women in South Africa are almost equal in number to men. In the past about fifty percent of the women belonged to the illiterate class. These days it’s different they’ve come out of their homes equipped with pens rather than pans so that they can get a decent placement in the society. The Indian girls in South Africa more ... Read More »

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