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The Indian marriage and the Internet


  Wedlock portal sites have become the fresh cant in the cosmos of marriages in the Indian Societies. Parents of nearly all mature children are now making accounts and register themselves on one or the other wedlock portal sites. There is a lot of residential area particular likewise as general wedlock sites that help fundamental interaction of two persons and ... Read More »

Modern Indian girls and marriage


  Nowadays it’s getting hard for unmarried men to find girls to marry. There are quite a couple of qualified bachelors among my relatives who are hunting for brides but all is fruitless. I hope they get a breakthrough soon. These days the girls and their parents are fashionable when it concerns spousal relationship. The boy’s parents are perspiring severely ... Read More »

The ABC of losing weight


  Day-to-day dieting graph: – Don’t rush for a crash program, no need to kill yourself and then face problems in the future. Design a healthy eating diet graph for yourself. Here is an example of how to format your program. Breakfast-Sprouts or 2 slice of bread toast or egg white Snack – Fruit or tea or coffee with crackers ... Read More »

Cultivate your nails


Reduce the appearance of broad nail bases with an oval shape. For taller, more circular nails make use of Pastels and neutrals as they are the most appropriate. Gloomier nail varnish is appropriate for low, squared nails. Thin nail beds seem firmer with a gentle square figure. Make a clearer side of bold and add casts of a gloomy, deep ... Read More »

Synopsis – African Indian odyssey


    November celebrates the 150th year since the arrival of indentured Indian laborers in South Africa. It is a month being marked by festivities and reflection. Who were these early indentured laborers, why did they leave and what would the future hold for these travelers landing on shores so vastly different from everything they knew? These are but a ... Read More »

Starting your day the Indian way

Almost our entire job for the day is finished if we afford our morning ideas really affirmative energy. As soon as you get out of bed, just give yourself a few minutes. May be open the window and thank the almighty for the day and ask him to give you a lovely day. This petition would just take a few ... Read More »

Enjoy your Indian food in a healthy way.

Among the greatest delights of living is stuffed parathas, the delicious spicy flat bread stuffed with assorted stuffings and consumed with cool curd and melting butter. The whiz is purely heavenly. It’s very sorry and   lamentable that weight loss and stuffed parathas don’t go together.I’m a distinguished lover of stuffed parathas particularly during the winters and my hubby needs them, ... Read More »


Just after the couple has agreed to get married, the roka or saith observance, which is a proclamation that the male child and female child have found their soul mates and will look no further for a life partner, is held. The female child uncle gives her the nath (nose ring) which she will put on her wedding ceremony. The ... Read More »

The Indian woman and marriage


  Does dowry have anything to do with domestic violence? Dowry and domestic violence’! I feel domestic violence is always not linked to dowry, though dowry too is one of the causes for domestic violence. An objective social ‘house’ turns into a ‘home’ when the ingredient’ of love’ is added to it. Everyone in the family has to bestow his ... Read More »

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