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Heart Healthy Comfort Foods

Winter is generally synonymous with more indoor activities and of course common colds and flu. In addition, unhealthy eating habits as well as a lack of physical activity slowly creep in and become routine during these months. Calorie-laden foods and snacking under the covers is so much more enticing then exercise and veggies! The result – weight gain and disappointment ... Read More »


Nowadays many people are familiar with the word Yoga and have some idea of what Yoga is, the most common understanding being that people perform some kind of postures (asanas) which are meant to restore one to health and vitality. However, asanas only form a part of Yoga. A very important, and often neglected, practice is Pranayama – the science ... Read More »

Fitness and health


  FITNESS & HEALTH SEPTEMBER IS HEART AWARENESS Month – an entire month dedicated to creating awareness and preventing heart disease in South Africans. The Heart and Stroke Foundation SA, a non-governmental organisation, is calling everyone to have their cholesterol and blood pressure checked, often termed ‘silent killers’ because there are no visible symptoms when levels are raised.   Currently ... Read More »

Busy-ness For a Better You


  FEAR CAN IMMOBILIZE, BUT IT CAN ALSO CAUSE PEOPLE TO FILL THEIR LIVES WITH SO MANY ACTIVITIES THAT THEY FAIL TO CONFRONT THINGS THAT THEY DREAD OR FEAR DOING.   ON THE SURFACE, STAYING busy can appear to be very productive, but as is often the case, such busy-ness is nothing more than an alias for procrastination. Living one’s ... Read More »



THE STORY OF MAHA THE CHILD OF A forbidden marriage, Maha grows up happily with her parents in Cape Town. But her world changes forever when her parents are killed at a political rally, and at the age of eight, Maha is reclaimed by her loving but staid Indian grandparents and taken to live in Durban. Growing up in the ... Read More »

A New Vision for Healing


We all experience healing in some form or another throughout our lives. We heal our physical bodies with healthy food, vitamins, herbals and medications. We heal our minds with positive thinking, affirmations and healthy thoughts. We heal our spirits with prayer, intention, and meditation. All of these methods of healing affect our existence in some way. All work to keep ... Read More »

Legal aspects of Marriage


The purpose of this article is to explain briefly the different matrimonial regimes in South Africa. Marriages in South Africa today are governed by of the following statutes: the Matrimonial Property Act, Civil Union Act, and Customary Marriage Act. These three types of marital union are discussed below: • Matrimonial Property Act: The Act provides effectively for three different matrimonial ... Read More »

Marriage across the colour line


  Almost 14 years after our first democratic elections, and more than 17 years since interracial marriages were legalised, many South Africa Indians are still tackling the colour ‘barrier ’ Sutra’s Ishani Bechoo spoke to a few people who have crossed the colour line. Michelle Pillay, a radiographer from Chatsworth in Durban grew up in what she calls “a typical ... Read More »

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