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Consumers drowning further in debt


National Credit Regulator Release, 4 December 2013. Nomsa Motshegare, CEO of the National Credit Regulator, said today that the credit bureau statistics reported for the quarter ended September 2013 indicate that consumers are drowning further in debt. She encouraged consumers to monitor their budgets closely and carefully during the National Credit Regulator and to save enough for the coming year. She further ... Read More »

Beating the December Cash Flow Blues


  6 Ways to help you ease the financial burden over the festive season In business, cash flow forms the heartbeat of your organization, regardless of the size or nature thereof. For all of us SMME’s out there, we know this to be even more-true for our own businesses. The usual reasons for these are twofold. Most SMME’s out there ... Read More »

Consolidations loans

Consolidations loans There are various types of loans on the market that financial institutions offer. But do you really understand what it means to be consolidatiing loans? Benchmark lending, secured loans and unsecured loans are all jargon that financial people use to address normal people about these matters. However, it is a simple matter of considering how much debt finance you have and whether ... Read More »

Doing Business in South Africa

  The legal requirements for making movies. by Afzal Khan When one chooses to do business in a country one is faced with two important knowledge needs. Firstly, “who should I do business with as my local representative?” and secondly, “what are the legal requirements of this specific country and how can I best benefit from any incentives that this ... Read More »

Education & Employment

Education level is one of the major factors determining lifetime earnings because it impacts the available career options, job levels and salary, and even employment vs. unemployment. Having a university degree does not guarantee financial success but pursuing an education does tend to increase a person’s income. PBS investment advisor and author Jonathan Pond says one of your best investments ... Read More »

Jobs versus careers

It’s been said that people spend more time planning their vacations than their careers. Vacations are “special.” Shouldn’t your career be special too? Since a big part of your life is what you do for a living, career planning is something everyone should do.   A job is anything that has to be done and provides income to meet an ... Read More »

Credit Crunch


One of the hot topics at present is the state of the real estate industry and the effect that the banks have on the property market. We discuss some of the current issues that hopefully provides you with a better understanding of the housing market. Mortgage finance Commercial banks’ variable mortgage interest rates were cut by a cumulative 450 basis ... Read More »

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