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“Navaratri” literally means “nine nights.” This festival is observed twice a year, once at the beginning of summer and again at the onset of winter. What’s the significance of Navaratri? India is a country of festivals and celebration. It has a very rich historical and cultural background. Each Indian festival has a proper meaning, reason and significance behind its celebration. ... Read More »

Lord Ganesha


Lord Ganesha is the most favoured Lord of the Hindu Pantheon and no worship is deemed to be of any value unless He is worshipped initially. Lord Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles and overcomes all challenges in life. In Hindu mythological literature Lord Ganesha is described as having a human form with an elephant head. One tusk is ... Read More »

Ramadan – A Spiritual Feast

Ramadan. In Egypt it would probably symbolize the medieval suburbs of Cairo all decorated with the ‘Fanous Ramadan’ (or beautifully coloured glass lanterns). In Ghana it would be synonymous with early morning drummers who walk around the village from house to house playing their drums and singing to wake everyone up for the early morning meal. In Malaysian streets it ... Read More »

Is Astrology a science?


THE SIMPLE ANSWER IS yes – and no. Astrology, like medicine, is an art based on a science. ASTROLOGY, HOWEVER, IS GROUNDED in a profoundly holistic view. Astrologers believe that all things in our universe are intimately and deeply connected. Th e world, as we see and experience it, is a great deal more like a being than a thing. ... Read More »



The Newtown Diwali Festival 2007, blasted off in a kaleidoscope of colour at the Newtown Cultural Precinct at the end of October. Hosted by the City of Johannesburg, the entertainment line up at this year ’s festival included world renowned Indo-fusion band, Strings and Skins and Friends, Johannesburg-based classical music and dance collaboration, Saptaswara, and performances from the Indian Dance ... Read More »

Here comes the multicultural bride

  A cutting edge, multicultural design came tops in the Bridal Africa 2007 Young Designer Awards with fashion design student Louise Rohrs scooping the honours. The annual competition, held at Gallagher Estate in the Midrand this year, invited young people studying fashion design at colleges, universities and technikons as well as independent fashion designers from across the country to take ... Read More »

Weeding rituals

  In taking these seven steps, the right foot shall always lead and the left foot be brought forward in line with it -May the first step lead to food that is both nourishing and pure. -May the second step lead to strength (at the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels). -May the third step lead to prosperity. -May the ... Read More »

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